Best Paid Survey Sites – Earn Cash by Taking Surveys Online

The List of Best Paid Survey Sites (100% Legitimate and Free to Join)

Best Paid Survey Sites

What Are the Best Paid Survey Sites?

Joining the best paid survey sites is crucial to be successful in making extra money by taking paid surveys. I have been doing surveys for a long time. The following lists the best paid survey sites that I conclude. I joined every one of them. They are all legitimate and offer cash rewards. Sites in this list are the best starting points to take paid surveys. The followings are my advices.

  • Visit my other blog “Paid Online Surveys” first if you like to know how much money you can make by taking surveys or like to have a basic understanding of paid surveys.
  • Join as many paid survey sites as possible initially, then keep only the profitable ones.
  • Most panels will require members to create personal profiles. Make sure the profile is accurate to increase the chances of receiving more surveys.
  • Use a dedicated email account for doing paid surveys.
  • IMPORTANT: Never provide your credit card number or release your cell phone number when doing surveys
  • IMPORTANT: Some survey sites are not legitimate. They are there to phish information. Make sure to check it against scams if the reward is much higher than the standard payment or the task is too easy.  

It takes time to create your own best paid survey sites. I will not be surprised if this process takes over two months for people who take surveys only on spare time. Below is my review based on the number of surveys received and reward gained from the survey site.


Best Paid Survey Sites (Daily)

My Top Five Best Paid Survey Sites

  1. Global Test Market (This survey site pays best, although the cash out threshold is high.)
  2. Opinion Outpost 
  3. Surveyhead
  4. Toluna
  5. Vindale Research

Other Paid Survey Sites

  1. Daily Survey Panel (Panelist needs to log in daily to check available surveys.)
  2. FocusLine Surveys 
  3. InboxDollars (In addition to paid surveys, this site also offers cash tasks.)
  4. InboxPays 
  5. MySurvey 
  6. Only Cash Surveys 
  7. Panda Research (Site offers many well paid surveys and studies, but most requires obligation.)
  8. SendEarnings (In addition to paid surveys, this site also offers cash tasks.)
  9. Surveyspot 
  10. TestSpin 
  11. YFSResearch 


Best Paid Survey Sites (Non-Daily)

  1. American Consumer Opinion (This site also offers focus group studies.)
  2. CashCrate (Panelist needs to login daily to check available surveys.)
  3. ClickIQ Consumer Opinion
  4. E-Poll Surveys
  5. Evans Data Developer Panel (This site is only for people with software development background.)
  6. FG Global (Register to receive notification of available focus study in your area.)
  7. Focus Pointe Global (This site also offers focus group studies.)
  8. Ipsos I-Say
  9. MindField Online (This site also offers focus group.)
  10. PineCone Research (The average payment is $3.00 per survey without payout threshold.)
  11. Springboard America
  12. Survey Savvy
  13. Survey Scout Research
  14. Synovate Global Opinion
  15. Technology Advisory Board (Site is only for people with science, engineering, or IT background.)

There are many other paid survey sites, research all companies carefully especially cash out policy before joining. Good luck in making money from paid surveys.




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