Make Money Online Scams

Stay Away from Make Money Online Scams. Quick and Easy Money Do Not Exist!

Make Money Online Scams

Make money online scams become a problem for those who are new to Internet marketing. Internet Marketing is not a scam. Unfortunately, many unethical businesses take advantage of those who like the freedom and flexibility that online business can offer and rip off money from them.

Many people have successfully made money online. Some earn a few hundred a month, and others may receive thousands. Yet, there are many failures too. Use the Internet to promote products or services requires an effective strategy and tools. Before deciding who to follow, learn some basics about make money online first in order to stay away from scams.


Types of Make Money Online Scams

  • Quick and Easy Money Scams

Examples like earning over six figures easily within a year or $1000 per week with only 30 minutes’ work a day.

  • Know Nothing and Do-Nothing Scams

Most automatic money machine software belongs to this category. Some products even claim no need to know about the Internet or a computer. Many people have found the only way to earn money from money machine is to promote the same money machine.

  • Membership Sty Scams

The website usually lures visitors with a low membership fee, limited seats within the same zip code, etc.. Its goal is to suck in as many people as possible. Some members may end up with spending more and more money.

  • Make money with search engines’ scams

Examples like guaranteed website traffic, traffic secrets, first page ranking in search results, money making with Google Toolkit in 60 seconds, etc..


A Basics for Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online. Online jobs such as writing, customer service, and paid surveys … etc. are the most reliable ones but less attractive because of the low incentive. Most people will focus on a website that acts as the money machine. Unfortunately, the truth is that make money online is a hard work, and a good website needs time to build up and be maintained.

Like doing business without going through the Internet, a successful sale has to be formed first to make money. The sale can be a service or physical merchandise. The consumer needs to find the website that carries the item, so the sale can be made. The same rule is applicable to the website utilizes Google AdSense as income.

My point is clear. The biggest roadblock to make money online is the need of traffic to the website. There are three main ways for this.

  • Buy traffic through search engine advertisement such as Google AdWords. The advertisement through a search engine can bring in the targeted audience. Traffic buying through other channels will have high hits, but mostly through robots.
  • Create a website with quality contents, and obtain a high rank in search results. This one is difficult to achieve but the most effective way. High rank is crucial because the majority of people will not go beyond the 2nd page of the search results.
  • Get traffic from E-Mail marketing or social networks. E-Mail marketing and social networks are keys to success according to many Internet marketers. Build up a follower list requires time and the potential subscribers need to discover the sign-up website first.


Avoid Make Money Online Scams and Focus on The Product

A good product is always the key to success regardless whether doing business through the Internet or not. The uniqueness of the product is especially valuable. It is not difficult to have a high search engine ranking for a website that promotes unique product. Owner can also list the product in Clickbank and hire an expert to create the website.

For people who like to be an affiliate marketer, always check how many websites are promoting the same product. Figure out the possibility to out beat those websites with a higher search engine rank. For a website without favor from the search engine, E-Mail marketing and traffic from social networks or advertisement such as AdWords are probably the only choices left.

Make money online is not quick or easy money. Do not be scammed by the unrealistic earning. Try to understand the fundamental and options of make money online. Think of product and figure out the techniques required to promote it. The following is the rule of thumb to avoid the make money online scams.

  • There are many coaching classes for make money online. Make sure to get the topics covered especially for those expensive one.
  • Some product claims the member will have high income within a short time. Make sure to have a clear idea of what types of merchandises to market and from where buyers and traffic come.
  • Keep in mind that the process of a website creation can be automated, but the driving of the visitor to a website cannot be automated.



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