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Make Money Doing Online Surveys - Can You Really Make Money Doing Surveys?

Paid Online Surveys

This article provides paid online surveys for money reviews. The purpose is to help those who are interested in doing paid online surveys for money to have some idea of the amount of cash earned through taking surveys online.

Are Paid Online Surveys Scams?

Paid online surveys are NOT scams by its nature, but if any website asks for money or lures with high income; then it is most likely a scamMany manufacturers hire marketing research firms to find out what potential buyers think. The marketing research firm creates paid online surveys and sends them to registered panelists and rewards them for the completed surveys. Paid online surveys are 100% free to join.  I was scammed. I discovered those paid membership websites just provide a list of sites for members to join individually, but similar lists can be obtained freely through the search engine. I felt upset to be scammed because most people who sought for extra money opportunity were short of money; it is unethical to build a fortune by collecting money from these people.


Can You Really Make Money Doing Online Surveys? 

To be rewarded with cash income from $500 to $3500 monthly from doing paid online surveys sounds attractive, but in reality, the cash earning depends on how much effort to spend in each day on doing paid online surveys and your age, hobbies, lifestyle, occupation, location, etc.. In my example, a middle-aged non-shopper without many fancy gadgets, spending less than an hour each day, the compensation is like $70/month in average.

I have been doing paid online surveys for quite a while. It does pay; however, it cannot be served as principal income, but unlike many other ways to make money online, the only investments are an Internet connection and your own time.

The following sections provide surveys for money reviews. It should help to determine whether paid online surveys can meet the individual’s cash need after reading. 


Online Surveys for Money Reviews 


How Much Money Can You Make by Taking Online surveys?

  • The cash reward for a 15 – 20 minute study without specific technological knowledge is between $0.75 and $2.50, but surveys from focus groups or phone interviews can be worth over $50.00.
  • Many surveys are sweepstakes only, and some well paid online surveys require purchase obligation.
  • Most companies, except focus group/phone interview, do not pay panelist until the total cash payout reaches $30.00 – $50.00 which may require several months depending on how often panelist complete surveys successfully from that panel.
  • Some of the paid online surveys can detect conflict answers and rush through; thus, the reward is pending until answers are verified.


Frequency of Receiving Paid Online Surveys

  • Some panels will send their members paid online surveys on a daily basis, but some are weekly based.
  • Paid surveys from focus group and phone interview are not daily basis, and most cannot be done online. My experience for this is like once per quarter due to its strict selection process and location/time restrictions.
  • Each day, panelists will receive many paid online surveys through email, but that does not guarantee the qualification.
      1. Most paid online surveys have a pre screening process, and it is not uncommon to be screened out. Most pre screening process compensates panelists with sweepstakes.
      2. Participants reached the required number. This may imply panelist needs to be an early bird.
  • I do have poor luck days without any surveys available to me for the reasons I mentioned.


Tips for Maximizing Income from Paid Online Surveys

Suppose the earning expectation is $500/month, then, each weekday, it would require either spending approximate 3.5 hours on doing paid online surveys with $7.00 as the average hourly pay rate or taking about twelve 20-minutes’ surveys with an average $2.00 per survey.

Remember the impossibility of to be qualified for every survey received, anyone can easily do the math to figure out the possibility of earning $1000 or more per month. It is unlikely unless with many high paid surveys from focus groups. The following is tips for maximizing earning.

  • Depends on your earning target, join at least 10 – 15 panels that provide paid online surveys on a daily basis. Be aware that not everyone offers cash reward.
  • Join as many focus groups as possible if daytime availability is not an issue. Use search engines to find groups fitting your background and location.
  • Use a dedicated email account to receive paid online surveys because the possibility of receiving many advertisements/spam emails once joined. A dedicated account can speed up your process.
  • Download the free version of RoboForm to save data entry time with a single mouse click for some frequently answered questions.


Sites for Paid Online Surveys

After reading this review, if you feel Paid Online Surveys can fit your need, then follow the link below to get the list of panels I recommend. They are 100% free to join. I am a member of every panel in the list and have received and successfully completed surveys from each. I encourage trying especially for shoppers, travelers, video games and movie lovers.

Review of the Best Paid Survey Sites:

Good luck to your journey of taking Paid Online Surveys!



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