Paid Surveys Scams

Tips on How to Identify Paid Surveys Scams and Legitimate Paid Surveys

How to Avoid Paid Surveys Scams

Are paid surveys scams? The answer is NO, but unfortunately, some unethical businesses mislead supplemental income seekers with exaggerative earnings and make money by collecting a registration fee. This article gives tips on how to avoid paid surveys scams.


Types of Paid Surveys Scams

There are two types of paid surveys scams, paid membership and scam survey panel.


Paid Membership

All legitimate paid surveys websites are free to join. There is no need to join a membership website to get a list of links to paid survey panels. This type of websites usually advertises very attractive earnings from taking paid surveys such as $25 – $150 per survey, $100/day, or $2500/month.

As a matter of fact, legitimate paid surveys websites will not guesstimate how much money a panelist can receive. This is because the value of each survey and the demography of each panelist are different.

Some of these websites do not charge membership fees and are created for email marketing. They collect emails of people who seek for money and gain profit through other channels.


Scam Survey Panel

This type of paid surveys websites looks like real. Registered panelists log in every day to perform extremely easy and high-paid tasks. The website will disappear after some period of time and, of course, none gets paid. Phishing is what these sites do. For example, an attacker can break into members’ email or PayPal accounts by using the information provided during sign-on.


Tips on How to Avoid Paid Surveys Scams

  • Legitimacy – A legitimate paid survey panel should have at least one of the followings.
    • The business location is listed on the website.
    • The business is accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau).
    • The owner of the website is disclosed by “Whois” lookup.
    • The website provides contact forms or phones that allow communication between the company and panelists.
  • Policies – Any official membership website should have the privacy policy, terms and conditions clearly stated on the website. One should read them before joining.
  • Fees – Paid survey panels are absolutely free to join.
  • Rewards – Except focus group studies and phone interviews, most surveys are paid with a rate close to the state’s minimum wages. A 20 minutes’ survey is commonly paid between $1.00 to $2.5. Stay away from websites offering rewards that sound too good to be true.
  • Surveys vs. Offers – Surveys and offers are different. Most offers require the participant to fulfill some obligations. For example, DirectTV may offer a $40 reward when the subscription is affiliated through survey panels. Panda Research is one of the firms that provides many well paid offers. One should proceed with caution for offers that require phone or credit card numbers. Paid surveys never ask the panelist for a credit card number.  Focus group studies and phone interviews need phone numbers of participants.


Paid surveys are not scams, but scams do exist. Do not be fooled by testimonials or proof of payments. Read my other blog for additional information about paid online surveys.




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