Ultimate Power Profits Scam – GlobalOne Scam – Spinfinity Scam?

Is Ultimate Power Profits or Spinfinity Offered by GlobalOne a Real Income Opportunity?

GlobalOne Scam

Is Ultimate Power Profits or Spinfinity Offered by GlobalOne Companies a scam? Ultimatepowerprofits.com is the only website available from the GlobalOne Companies and the outline of the webpage does give a feel of scam. Through this website, users can register as affiliates for free or as founders for $23 (founder position was closed on August 12, 2012.) 


Domain ultimatepowerprofits.com, igobidwin.com and globalonecompanies.com are registered through GoDaddy.com with the registrant ‘Domains By Proxy, LLC’. The hiding of domain contact information from the public may be due to the company is still in the pre-launch stage. Currently, the company’s profile is neither available from internet search nor from its affiliates’ sign-on website. Lack of company detail does make “Ultimate Power Profits” (or GlobalOne Companies, LLC) looks unofficial and suspicious.


GlobalOne Companies, LLC appears to be a startup MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. The company claimed its first business, the penny auction site IGoBidWin, will be launched soon. For those who are familiar with ZeekRewards will probably wonder whether IGoBidWin/GlobalOne will be another Zeekler/ZeekRewards. Zeekler/ZeekRewards was shut down by SEC on August 18, 2012 due to its Ponzi scheme.


In addition to IGoBidWin, GlobalOne Companies said there will be many other income opportunities for its affiliates. In summary, Ultimate Power Profits or GlobalOne offers three profit pools, Spinfinity Social Profit Pool, Go Global Profit Pool and Infinity Wealth Profit Pool. All affiliates will be in all available pools. The profit gained from iGoBidWin will be in the ‘Go Global Profit Pool’ and shared with affiliates who contribute. There is a 3×10 forced matrix in the Infinity Pool, and an affiliate can earn even without sponsoring any down-line.


So far, the detail of how to gain points, bonus and commission in each pool is unclear. The company only publishes the high level view of each pool and the payout schedule.  For those who are interested in joining as early birds can get information from the following three overview seminars.

  • Spinfinity Social Profit Pool Overview


  • Go Global Profit Pool Overview


  • Infinity Wealth Profit Pool Overview


 However, do not be overwhelmed by the number of payouts that one can receive each month. One payout with $1000 is same as one thousand payouts with $1 each. The focus should be on the sources that earnings come from. GlobalOne Companies may provide affiliates with good opportunities; however, it is too early to talk about its success or say “Ultimate Power Profits” is a scam especially the business and the offered products are not official yet. Every MLM or Pyramid structure business needs time to build up and right products to support the operation, otherwise it will be a suspect of Ponzi.


Update: 10/04/2012

GlobalOne Companies started collecting the membership fee on Sept. 30th and announced the go live date around Oct. 10th. It appears that ‘IGoBidWin’ is no longer in the plan. There are five participation levels, Tin for $10, Copper for $25, Silver for $50, Gold for $75 and Platinum for $100. Different levels of access to the core product “Elements of Wealth” are available to members. For example, a Tin member will receive global financial newsletters, educational materials, and management software. Two businesses are said to be available for affiliates to promote: “I Go Shopping Mall” and “I Go Global Travel.” (Note: ”I Go Shopping Mall” may be similar to the shop.com from MarketAmerica, which is also a MLM company.)

Update: 11/18/2012

GlobalOne Companies started to distribute bonus to affiliates on 11/10/2012. However, affiliates without any downline did not get paid. It is unclear whether the statement “an affiliate can earn even without sponsoring any” is still valid for “Ultimate Power Profits.” Also, except the “Elements of Wealth” that comes with the subscription, other claimed products, such as ‘I Go Shopping Mall’, are still not available. 


Despite the uncertainty of the profitability of GlobalOne Companies, I signed on “Ultimate Power Profits” to have a genuine view of the system. Finding a long term true income opportunity is also a goal of mine. Anyone who likes to know more facts or be kept posted about “Ultimate Power Profits” can contact me through the “Leave a Reply”.





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  1. It is uneasy that they dont say much about it’s background
    Just like profitclicking

  2. HI there! I am a founder and I was afraid myself but I listened to the teleseminar and felt absolutely inspired…and since it was so little of an investment I figured I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t….the products they will offer seem amazing…and tow people I highly admire are doing it and they said it was the real deal…will let you know about the money I make…woo hoo or oops

  3. You can invest as little as $10, 25, 50, 75 or 100. I’ve made a few$ in the past and i’ve lost some too. If you can afford to absorb these amounts…then go for it. They’ve delayed several times and theirs precious little data available on “Scotty Evans” or this ‘billion’ dollar company…So we will see? I’ll come back too and let you know.

  4. Hi! I joined Global One with much enthusiasm. The company has delayed their launch date many times, they delayed the first pay day a few times, and have not nearly delivered the money they promised to hundreds of thousands of affiliates. I trusted them, but now I don’t. I asked a simple question on Facebook on the extra bonus that Scott Evans himself promised us for our patience…my post got deleted and now I’m blocked from the official GO facebook page. So far, it turns out that this company is a scam and will eventually be shut down due to the high number of complaints.

    • I too, haven’t received any commissions, now on the 13th either. I like how they changed the rules at the last minute. “If you don’t have anyone sponsored in your downline, you won’t earn”. This is not what was stated before and continues to be stated. So we’ll see…I haven’t given up yet, BUT as a 21 year veteran of Law Enforcement, who has investigated Ponzi schemes before…this doesn’t bode well so far.

  5. If your a member of GlobalOne Ultimate Power Profits and paid a subscription fee and your earnings are less than you paid in you need to log into your Global One account and submit a support ticket asking for a full refund on the grounds of false advertising. They advertise that you get paid 6 times monthly on just your own position, (what a joke that is) If your support ticket is not answered within 30 days you need to go to the Better Business Bureau site and file a complaint against Global One Companies LLC, they are listed on the BBB site as not Accredited (Global One Companies, LLC is not BBB Accredited) and there address is a Las Vegas, NV address and not a California address like the founder member told me when I signed up. Please read the whole page at the Better Business Bureau site about Global One. And they have not been in business very long (Business Started: 05/23/2012) thats right from the BBB site.

    When your subscription fee is due again do not pay it, they will just take your money and you will get very little in return if anything at all, I wouldn’t trust anything that some or most of the founder member tell you cause most of the money is going right into there accounts and not yours, the Global One splash page says (Tired of just 2% making all the money) well that is what appears to be happening even tho they say that everyone makes money. If you paid a subscription fee and at the end of the month didn’t make more than you paid in then you lost money.

  6. I admit I’ve lost interest. Don’t even listen to the webinars anymore. Just one missed deadline after another and pure hype with this “Billionaire’s” Company, that by the way no one can even find a picture of, a Wiki page or something…Supposedly Spinfinity rolls out in December and all of us doubters will get our commissions. Anyone heard other news/info?

  7. Today (12-8-2012) was a payday for Global One Ultimate Power Profits, and again the company did the big rip-off and took the peoples money and gave very very little in return if anything at all, and just wait till you people see whats NOT going to happen with spinfinity, they keep blowing all this smoke about all the big money your going to make while they pay you nothing and just keep taking your membership fee’s the whole time. You people need to go to the Better Business Bureau site and file a complaint against Global One Companies LLC, read the whole page and then file your complaint. Let’s stop this scam now before it grows like a bad cancer. Stop paying your membership fee’s, this company is looking for a hand-out, if your looking to donate some money find a good charity and stop giving your money to these greedy liars at Global One Ultimate Power Profits. Last but not least stop taking the advise from any of the Founder members, they are the mouth piece of the company and will ball face lie to you just to get your money in there pockets.

  8. Click this link to read about ipayfire from scamadvisor, global one uses them.

  9. Some members in my team have wired almost $ 20,000 to GO in August 2012 but up to now the amount is not credited to the respective members’ accounts. BOA has confirmed with our local bank that the money has been received and sent to GO but the money is not credited to the members ewallet until now.

    Now we are in the process of reporting this case and submit all the evidence to the authorities in America. This is because all the tickets sent to GO support are not getting proper treatment.

    Almost all affiliates in our contry agreed not to renew their accounts until all the problems solved. Almost all of the CEO’s own promises not fulfilled until now, including the launch of a new website, backoffice, igoglobaltravel,igoshoppingmall etc that should be already in the market.

    Do not spend your money on GO at least until they 100% completed and launched!

  10. According to some sources of mine…The North Carolina AG’s Office has an open investigation against them for fraud and FTC has received over 250+ complaints. Now does all of this make them illegal? No…but look how they’ve treated us so far. Invest at high risk people. Unless your downline is 100′s of people and they are signing up too, there’s NO reason to be more than a $10 Tin member. DON’T believe the hype !!

  11. It’s true that if people who are members are not positive in the fb group of Global One Companies are removed. All the leaders and mentors just tell people to be patient and have faith constantly. The ad for their travel is completely unprofessional which included 1 model. (Oooh bifurcation spenders!) Support ticketed IF they are answered are replied with almost no conclusive closure. Everything about GlobalOnecompaniesreveiw Companies is unprofessional. The way they handle themselves is extremely scamy.
    Life is meant to be loved guys. Every second is soooooio precious. Don’t buy into the promises of Global Obesity companies. Go and live you life to the full and make money doing what you love, something that is legitimate, and something that will not leave people hurt. I hope all those who are behind this scam get caught out. I believe we ought to have internet police to stop this sort thing, and maybe one-day we will.

    • As much as I hate scams I would not support internet police, or anyone deciding for me if this or that income opportunity is legitimate or not. We need to be adults and not run to the government every time something happens….we need to be able to work together and identify scams and warn others about it. But better yet, when we find a legitimate income opportunity we should pass it on….that’s the best way to fight against scams. I tend to not tell too many people when I come across an Income Opportunity until I am actually earning an income from it….in that way, when I tell others about it I am speaking from experience and not just from hype.

      Life is life, and the government can’t protect people from every harm that is out there, or we are going to living in a police state, in which every aspect of our lives would be controlled by the government. An internet police would themselves become an internet dictator and shut down any and whatever Income Opportunity they feel like….we would be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  12. After being strung along since July with the continuous delays, constant changes, and many unanswered questions…I’m now convinced that Global One is a fraud. Besides everything that was just mentioned, another deciding factor for me was the company’s unknown location. There’s two U.S. addresses they have listed and both of them lead to two empty buildings with no reference of Global One’s name. I urge the people that still believe in this company to Google map these two addresses and see that this seems very shady:

    iPayFire (eWallet)
    919 Garnet Ave
    San Diego, CA 92109

    U.S. Headquarters
    7260 West Azure Dr. Ste 140-122
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

  13. It’s mid March and still a whole lot of sheeple are waiting STILL for the launch. Back in November I paid $10 because I only had 120+ under me and I knew it took more than just 100+ to make your investment back. I went with the program until Kathy plainly informed us to stop misinforming our team. Hmmm all I did was direct my members to the conference calls and from what they heard it made them sign up. I started posting the conference calls on their facebook page until I was blocked. The reasoning they gave me was very silly and false. How did I post unofficial conference call data when the origin of all called came from my back office. I immediately sounded the scam alarm based on those factors alone. To add insult to injury, I listened to a conference call where Kathy said something about her finally meeting the globalone staff. Then she back tracks by saying of course I met the globalone staff before or something like that. My problem is that I listen too well. I had to rewind that conference call to listen again just to make sure I was correct with what I heard and sure enough I was correct. Since November all my members have dropped off and I have yet to see a return on my founding member investment and eow investment which totals $33.00. I left it all alone and watched as November turned into the next 3 months. More disturbing news I found was much recent where the CEO stated instead of payment every 3 days it will be every 5 days. After that new development, I seen hundreds of people quit instantly. So now I’m here looking at those who finally woke up and those who still are waiting patiently. Here is my conclusion: we live in a microwave society here in the US. It’s coming up on a year now and there were many changes, many delays, etc. OK that’s part of business I guess. Just know sometimes you have the wrong people working with you to make your dream a reality. Many MLM gurus are working for Scotty and that is bad. If you research who works for Scotty you will find almost all of the MLM gurus jump from business to business. Interesting yet horrible for Scotty. With all that said, Globalone will never ever create the same buzz and interest that was obtained from July 2012-November 2012. Either stay and deal with the changes and delay, sit and wait for results, or call it a bad investment and move forward.

  14. This Company is always changing rules. Their previous ads of GlobalOne that “100% of the member earns 100% of the time” is absolutely 100% lie. Its main products is selling “Membership Fees”. Whether it is EOW, or IGo Shopping Mall or Club Membership (More membership fees are coming), if you are a good recruiter and you successfully sell membership fees, you will earn a cute (tiny) portion of their payment. But in the end, you will lose because you will be maintaining membership fees monthly to be active and to be qualified to earn. I can see that affiliates are leaving faster than joining before when its still hot because of false promises and constantly changing rules in this opportunity.

    • You are correct…..I’m sure they are not bragging about how much they are growing now.

  15. I got out of it because they lied/mislead us and it was too complicated.

  16. Talking about Global One issues I had 753 people in my group back in July 2012. Nearly all of them become founding members and started using E.O.W. program. Today May 3rd I have 0 active members in my downline. i got kicked off thee face book page for questioning there IGO TRAVEL Business program because they said anyone who signed up for IGOTRAVEL program will get benefits of a Travel Agent associate. I posted that not possible because they have to be a actual travel agent to get that , they offer no license for IATAN, CLIA, or any other official travel business agency to the people who sign up for IGO TRAVEL program. As far as I know to this day they still havent told no one what the travel agent benefits are they offering. As a former Travel Agent myself I know they not telling people the truth about their travel agent program

  17. Im glad I went looking on the internet to see if there was finally some concrete info on Global One – there isn’t. No photo’s of any of the key staff members – nothing. It’s time to stop. The company is not genuine. We’ve been had. MLM is still the way to go though. There are ethical companies out there. Lesson learnt.

  18. I signed up as a Founder from their website and video, but soon came to believe it was a scam and I disputed the $23.00 plus tax charge on my MasterCard and was awarded a refund about a year ago. Now that I am seeing all the posts above I am quite sure it is a Scam and I am happy I got my money back. There is too much of this going on for me to trust much any more. I also notice that the web link I had saved to their site is no longer active or available. Needless to say, I never heard from them or received any payouts whatsoever.

  19. Currently, we are continuing to work on web site refinements and launching new products. Rest assured we are working hard to bring new products to the Global One family, to make you and your business grow.

    Thank you,
    The Team at

  20. It appears Global One has disappeared. Domain name is up for sale through GoDaddy.

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