Ways to Earn Money Online

The Basic and Available Options to Earn Money Online

ways to earn money online

There are many ways to earn money online. This article reviews the most popular online money earning methods that require no or little cost. The target audience is people without owning a saleable product and provide-able service. The main purpose is to help these people understand the basic and available options to earn money online and avoid scams.

Ways to earn money online can be divided into two groups. One group requires participants to have a website, and the other does not.

Earn Money Online Without a Website

  • Paid Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are the easiest but the least attractive ways to earn money online. The earning is small although some membership websites claim the income could be over a thousand. The participant does not need specific knowledge of this activity. Visit Paid Online Surveys and Best Paid Survey Sites for more detail.

  • E-Book Publication

It is possible to earn money through E-Book writing. The key to success is research the demand for the topic and the availability of it. Amazon is an excellent place to do such research. Get a public domain book and rebrand it into an E-Book is another way. I see many such works in Amazon, and some have extremely good sellers rank. Be aware that Amazon does not allow duplicated public domain E-Book; therefore, adding illustrations is one of the ways to be accepted. Andersen’s fairy tales are typical examples.

Earn Money Online With a Website

The web site owner has many ways to earn money online. To have income implies the website needs to be discovered and has enough visitors. Search engines and social networks are the two primary sources that attract organic traffic to a website. Knowledge of search engine optimization and social networks is the key to success. Buying traffic through advertisement, for example, Google AdWords, is another way, but the cost needs to be controlled.

  • Google AdSense

Google AdSense probably is the most popular way for the website owner to earn money online. The publisher writes about something and embeds a piece of code from AdSense into the web page. The advertisement shows up according to the content when people visit the web page. Many bloggers sign up Google’s blogspot.com to monetize through this way.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Earn money online through Affiliate Marketing is similar as being a sales person that the earning is commission based. Join and select a product to promote through Affiliate networks such as CLICKBANK. It requires a web page or the so called landing page for most cases especially when the advertisement is not affordable. Just like a sales person has to persuade a buyer with a sound reason in order to have a successful sale, a landing page has the same purpose.

  • Sponsored Reviews

Many product owners will pay a blogger to write reviews about their product. Example networks are PayPerPost and ReviewMe. The network is a middleman between bloggers and advertisers. The more traffic the website has, the better chance to become a reviewer.

  • Banner Advertisement

If the website has a large audience, then selling the banner space to an advertiser without going through a middleman is an extremely effective monetization method.

There are many ways to earn money online through a website. Regardless which method is used, the audience is the precondition for the success. The rule of thumb is without audiences, without sales. This, in turn, means the ranking of the website is important if the advertisement is not an option. Keep in mind that most people will not go beyond the 2nd page of the search result, so the main roadblock for this approach is the search engine optimization.

Earn money from this approach is certainly not quick and easy. There are many products available to help the website creation. Yet the existence of the so-called money machine claims unrealistic earning. I will not say the money machine does not work, but remember to verify the traffic source before participating. Only a good product with an intended audience can make a sale to come true. Do not be scammed.



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